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What are the Treatments Available for Herniated Spinal Disc
Herniated disc injuries occur when a bulge appears in the vertebral disc. This bulge pushes through a space in the spinal column and leads to numbness and tingling of the impacted region.

The Causes of Back Pain
Back pain can have a myriad of causes The majority of back pain occurs as an acute attack, seemingly out of nowhere, or as the result of trauma to the back area

Spine Surgeon Robert Berkowitz, MD, at Northeast Ohio's Center for Orthopedics Now Offers Neck Disc Replacement Surgery
Board-certified orthopedic surgeon Robert Berkowitz, MD, of The Center for Orthopedics in Sheffield Village, Ohio, is one of the first surgeons to offer neck disc replacement -- an alternative to spinal fusion surgery. Dr. Berkowitz uses the Prestige® cervical disc, the first artificial disc for the neck approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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